Here is an awesome little promo we shot for the play in 2012.  It includes some cool footage of us rehearsing and some interviews on our thoughts as to what the play was about.  We seem to be somewhat confused about it!

Not While There's Work to be Done is a play about a father and son who walk from Galway to Sligo over the course of one night looking for a missing mule.

The play ran for one week in The Teachers Club Theatre March 5th – 10th 2011 and The New Theatre in Temple Bar from October 29th – November 3rd 2012.

Written, Directed & Produced by Thomas Quain

Starring Joe Purcell, Adam Wallace,

Aidan Collins and Niamh Algar


Feck Off Crows is a play that follows the fortunes of two Nuns who discover crows in their back garden during the Irish War of Independence.


Initially seeking the help of both the local Irish rebels and the English occupation force to shoot the birds the Nuns soon find themselves recast as pawns and embroiled in a bitter conflict where neither side are afraid to use anything or anyone to their advantage…

This play that ran for one week in The New Theatre, Temple Bar from July 22nd – 27th 2013 and The Grand Hotel Wicklow March 10th – 14th 2014.

Written, Directed & Produced by Thomas Quain

Starring Aislinn Ní Uallacháin, Breid Morris, Benjamin Musgrave,

Shane Fallon, Joe Purcell