'I'm Talking to You' is an independent  feature film Written & Directed by Thomas Quain that follows Mark, a trainee Irish Guard who spends his days driving in circles around the M50. But when Mark discovers a pirate, propaganda radio signal it causes him to rethink his black

and white understanding of society.

The film was produced by Constant Motion Pictures.


Premiered at the Cork Indie Film Festival in 2017 and also played at the

Chicago Irish Film Festival in 2018. 

ITTU final poster.jpg

In preparing this film I produced half a dozen animatics.  This was a great way of going beyond simply story-boarding a film as story-boarding is good for angles but doesn't give any sense of pace or tone.  Making a film also involved a lot of hanging around - so here also is a video of me, our amazing DOP Alan Rogers and our brilliant Producers Victor McGowan and Anna Ginjaume Grivé all hanging around!

Below is a behind the scenes breakdown on one of our more elaborate scenes as we struggled with how to creatively film inside a car that is supposed to be driving at night while also getting the coverage necessary for a dramatic dialogue and action scene.  Also here an except from a scene in the film where Liam tells Mark one or two things he has yet to learn about life.