An intensive but humorous look at the Irish General Election of 2020 and the key issues surrounding it.


I shot and edited this and created the map graphics on After Effects.

This is a very short documentary I shot & edited in Cardiff about a number of DJ's who travelled to Scandinavia at the beginning of the 1960's and pursued successful careers abroad in a time when music and the world was changing.

Unearthing Rebecca Collins is probably my favourite documentary I made (so far!).  I had seen Rebecca perform a number of times while I was in Galway and was always impressed.


So when I heard she was going on tour in 2014 I jumped at the chance to film her.  I toured with Rebecca going from Dublin to Leitrim to Clonakilty to Tramore as she promoted her album Earth.


It was great collabortaing with Rebecca and I especially love the footage I took of her playing in DeBarra's in Clonakilty and The Dock in Letterkenny.

Stories From The Projection Booth is the final film I made in Galway before I moved to Dublin and I'm very proud of it.


 Here retiring film projectionist Freddie Diviney talks about his work and gives us a glimpse of how film projection worked before it all became digital.

Conversation from a Polling Station was a short documentary I shot and edited based on the 2011 Irish General Election.  Ireland had just suffered an enormous economic collapse and I was curious how this was going to affect people's vote.  I also used the occasion to cut in some  news footage of the time that included Pat Rabbitte and Angela Merkel.  It's short and to the point and people's honest reaction to the event still impress me.

I shot all the interviews in one of my old primary schools!