'Poxy Bleedin Shop' is a five part comedic animated webseries about working a terrible job, in this case, an off-license, but not just any off license, this is the worst off license in Dublin - a shop that gets robbed 6 times every 4 weeks!

I wrote, animated & performed this series.  I animated it using Adobe Animate in 2018.

Fun Fact!

The George Michael monologue was the speech that inspired the series! I think it would look great on a T-Shirt!

Fun Fact!

The first episode was actually the last one completed as the amount of walking effects made it the most ambitious!  Learning a walk cycle though and doing it right was a great lesson!  The second episode was the first one

I started on.


Fun Fact!

Around the Bono episode I began to improve my drawing and animation a lot.  The best animation I think is the reaction on the line "Jaysus Bono keep your voice down!".

I feel like episode 4 has the most consistent high quality animation over all.

I'm really pleased with the final result.  I could have given up a number of times but I kept at it.  I feel like I succeeded in telling an interesting story with unique characters that also has some very strong comedic elements.


I have a second series written but would like to do it on Toon Boom Harmony next time in order to further develop and expand my range of skills.  So...watch this space!